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Aromatic Frankincense Resin Tears Incense Jasmine Granular Church Burner Aromatherapy Jerusalem 450gr 15.8oz Holy Land

Aromatic Frankincense Resin Tears Incense Jasmine Granular Church Burner Aromatherapy Jerusalem 450gr 15.8oz Holy Land

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  • Brand TerraSantaStore
    Item Form Granules
    Material Resin
    Scent Jasmine
    Product Benefits Restoring,Aromatherapy
  • PERFECT GIFT. Surprise someone today with a thoughtful gift that gives them a chance to reconnect with their spiritual side and dispel negative energy.
  • ✅ HOLISTIC HEALING AND RESTORATION. Enjoy the spicy aromatic fragrance of biblical Frankincense renowned for restoring balance and reconnecting with your chakra.
  • ✅ FRAGRANCE OF THE HOLY LAND. Experience the distinct aroma of Jerusalem fragrance incense as the biblical legends intended.
  • ✅CONSISTENCY. With every sequential purchase of this Frankincense, you get the same original experience of deep calming and therapeutic aroma.
  • ✅ SIMPLY THE BEST GIFT FOR YOU. AROMATIC INCENSE FLAVOUR. The premium selection of Frankincense leaves your room smelling delicious and church-like and you feeling reenergized. Colours of the product may be a little different than in the photos.?

Frankincense is a resin from the Boswellia tree that is harvested and dried in a special way. Since ancient times, it is known as a healing agent and as a substance that is part of embalming agents and as an integral part of cosmetics. But most often incense is used in religious rituals and for fumigation at home. To this day, church incense is an indispensable attribute of any religious ritual. The resin is also widely used in everyday life for its useful properties. Incense for the home is a high-quality, environmentally friendly method of aromatizing premises, it is absolutely harmful to humans and animals. The smell of incense not only relieve stress and nervous tension, but also create a special atmosphere in the house. Scented incense allows you to choose the scent that you like and will bring harmony to your home. You can buy incense with Jasmine aroma by placing an order on our website. All goods are manufactured directly on Earth in compliance with all technological standards and are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly product.


Place the charcoal disk in a ceramic or metal refractory dish and light it. Once the charcoal is hot and covered in white ash, place a few pieces of incense resin around it and watch it smolder. You will immediately feel the divine scent filling the room. Take a dish with smoking incense and use all the rooms in the house in a clockwise direction, pay attention to the corners of the rooms, reciting the prayer of Our Father while walking.


Burning incense resin before meditation will clear your mind and help you feel calm and relaxed. ✅ May help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, as it affects the parts of the brain associated with emotions. ✅ cleans the air; ✅ strengthens home prayer


✅ Weight: 15,8oz (450g)

✅ Country of origin:  Israel

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